3 Best Selling Coconut Oil Brands

By | July 27, 2017

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Are you wondering about the best selling coconut oil brands this 2017? The competition is tight to reach the best spot. Many new and emerging companies want to compete with the old brands too. What are the criteria to make one the best coconut oil label? Find out more about the 3 sought after coconut oil products and what makes them stand out from the rest.

Top 3 Best Selling Coconut Oil Brands

Nutiva Organic Virgin Coconut Oil

  • Unrefined, Virgin coconut oil type
  • Cold-Pressed processed coconut oil
  • Non-Hydrogenated coconut oil
  • Certified USDA Organic
  • Verified and Approved Non-GMO
  • Available in Glass Jar
  • Delicious Taste and Pleasant Smell
  • No. 1 Coconut Oil Brand in the U.S.

Carrington Farms Coconut Oil

  • 54 oz in size – best value for your money
  • Pure, Unrefined, Extra Virgin coconut oil type
  • Cold-Pressed processed coconut oil
  • 100% Organic – USDA Approved

Viva Naturals Organic Extra-Virgin Coconut Oil

  • Unrefined, Extra-Virgin coconut oil type
  • Cold-Pressed processed coconut oil
  • Certified USDA Organic
  • Non-GMO
  • Best Seller in Online Stores

How to Decide Which Ones Are the Best

First, I bought the best selling coconut oil brands in the market. Then, I tested them out to see which ones stand out from the rest. I based my findings from my own personal experience, plus careful research, to get the top 3. So, if you want to purchase the healthiest, pleasant to taste, pure, and the best value for your money, keep reading to find out my chosen coconut oil brands.

  • The Coconut Oils Are Pure/Unrefined Type.

I choose pure or unrefined, virgin coconut oil because it has intact nutrients compared with other coconut oil types. Refined coconut oils have less nutritional value since it is mostly bleached and deodorized. Most of the natural nutrients from the coconut are removed, including its antioxidant property.

Buying Tip: For coconut oil, virgin and extra-virgin means the same thing. If you are confused, keep in mind that these are all marketing terms to attract consumers.

  • They Are All Non-Hydrogenated.

I choose non-hydrogenated coconut oils because coconut oil does not need to be hydrogenated. Hydrogenation is only used for oils that need to withstand higher heat/temperature and have a longer shelf life. No need for that because coconut oil’s medium-chain fatty acids help to make the oil stable even in extremely high heat and even gives the oil its 2 years (and more) shelf life.

  • The Coconut Oils Are All Processed in Cold-Pressed Method.

All the oils I’ve chosen are extracted from cold-pressed process or procedure. Cold-pressed coconut oils are extracted from the coconut flesh without using too much heat. The heat should only be below 120 degrees Fahrenheit in order to create high-quality, high nutritional value coconut oils.

  • They All Have Excellent Labels and Ingredients.

I checked the labels and ingredients to be able to come up with these 3 best selling coconut oil brands. Although some coconut oil makers use the term “Organic”, but when you check on their labels and list of ingredients, it does not match the term used. Thus, it only provides unhealthy additives and carry out chemically or biologically-altering procedures. So, I only choose USDA Certified Organic coconut oils.

  • The Coconut Oils Have Safe, USDA-Approved Containers.

I highly recommend glass jars to hold coconut oils. However, there may be an exemption. Nutiva uses plastic containers. It is still acceptable because it is BPA-free.

These 5 criteria helped me find the 3 brands suitable for the “best selling coconut oil” spot. So, choose wisely in making the right decision. You can definitely use the oil for consumption, as a beauty product, or home remedies.  

Wait… There’s More…

One of the fastest rising coconut oil in 2017 is Coco Treasure Extra Virgin Coconut Oil. What makes this coconut oil stand out? Let us take a look at its summary.

Coco Treasure Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

  • Unrefined, Extra-Virgin coconut oil type
  • USDA Certified Organic
  • Non-GMO verified and approved
  • New Fast Rising Coconut Oil in 2017

It comes with a distinct slim-bottle container that is USDA approved. This pure coconut oil has a distinct coconutty taste to add Asian or tropical flavor to your favorite dishes. Coco Treasure prides itself on being “All-Organic” from the soil to the packaging. It is a very safe oil since it is 100% organic and USDA certified as well. Choose the top 3 best selling coconut oil brands above, but do not forget to try out our new favorite coconut oil, the Coco Treasure Extra-Virgin Coconut Oil.

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