About Us

Welcome to Loco Coco, a site that is dedicated to spreading the word about delicious and healthy coconut oil—especially unrefined coconut oil. When we learned that many dietary oils, including coconut oil, are processed with bleach and other chemicals or high heat that can actually turn the oil rancid and make it toxic, we knew we had to learn more. Unfortunately, it’s true. Many of the oils at our local grocery stores are actually bad for us, and not because they contain fat. Because of the way they are processed, some oils are essentially rancid as soon as they hit the supermarket shelf. Yuck! So what’s a health conscious consumer supposed to do? First, we have to worry less about dietary fat. Fats are actually good for us, and even the USDA has removed saturated fats from the “limited foods” list. Of course, fats are still high-calorie foods, and that must be accounted for in the daily diet. But fats themselves are not necessarily unhealthy.

Why Unrefined Coconut Oil?

It turns out that the way foods are processed can be just an important as the way they are grown. Unrefined oils maintain the natural taste, aroma and nutritional value they were meant to have. Our mission at Loco Coco is to make sure our readers know what to look for when they shop for coconut oil. Did you realize there are no regulations for using words like “natural” or “healthy?” Unfortunately, it’s not enough to just read labels, you also have to know how to interpret them.

To make sure you’re getting the best products on the market, first, shop for coconut oil that bears the USDA Certified Organic label. Next, make certain the organic oil is also unrefined and processed without heat. The label may say “cold pressed,” “cold expressed” or “Absolutely No Heat.” All of these terms assure you’re getting the purest, tastiest and most nutritious coconut oil available. And that’s what nature intended.



Loco Coco loves coconut oil! But more importantly, we love providing our readers with great information about coconut-food products. Once nearly unheard of, today there are many tasty and healthy options to choose from when shopping for coconut foods. We love seeing a wider variety of products on the market, but hate it when we hear about people spending their hard-earned money on something they weren’t satisfied with. That’s why we started this website, to explain the value of unrefined coconut oil and the other delicious treats made from it.

From Unrefined Coconut Oil to Coconut Jam

If you are looking to incorporate more of the health benefits of coconuts into your diet, there are many delicious ways to get the job done. And what an enjoyable job it is! Starting with the product that put coconuts on the culinary map—coconut oil. We recommend using only organic, unrefined coconut oil that has been cold pressed or processed without heat. The heat and chemicals used to process some oil not only destroys the nutritious enzymes you are looking for, it can actually make the oil toxic. This is definitely a case where reading a label is worth your time. You certainly don’t want to use a toxic substance in your diet, and you don’t want your grocery dollars to go to waste. That would be loco!

In addition to coconut oil, try baking with coconut flour instead of the grain flour you are used to. Coconut flour is gluten-free, high in fiber and high in protein. It makes everything you bake that much healthier. For the sweet tooth, try coconut jam, coconut sugar or our favorite, coconut nectar syrup. All of these sweeteners are rich in micronutrients and rate lower on the glycemic index that white sugar. You’re going to have a treat once in a while so you might as well get the most health benefits from it as possible. Coconut products can help you do just that.