Is It Better to Buy Coconut Jam or Make It From Scratch?

By | August 10, 2017

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If you are crazy enough for coconut, you will not miss out coconut jam. This delicious treat comes from coconut cream of fresh coconut fruits. In the Philippines, coconut jam is referred to as “Minatamis na Bao”. But in many Asian countries, it is popularly known as “Kaya”. You can buy coconut jam from wholefood stores and groceries. But in Asia and other tropical places, it can be made in different variations, including coconut chocolate jam.

Buying Coconut Jam or Making a DIY Homemade Coconut Jam?

Store-Bought Coconut Jam Homemade Coconut Jam
  • Convenient
  • Creates Asian or tropical desserts faster and easier
  • With health benefits coming from coconut
  • Tastes sweet and delicious
  • More nutrients fresh from its source
  • More health benefits due to its natural sources and organic processes
  • Cheap and easy to collect ingredients
  • High-quality ones come with a higher price
  • Some brands contain non-organic ingredients
  • Some brands contain harmful chemicals and additives
  • Needs to allot some time and effort to create the jam
  • Distinct coco-nutty taste; may not taste good especially for kids

Store-bought coconut jams and homemade coconut jams almost have the same benefits and disadvantages. Nowadays, it is more convenient to purchase these items rather than making one in the kitchen. When you buy coconut jam, just ensure that you will look for high-quality brands such as Coco Treasure Organic Coconut Jam. They have high nutrients with the same level as freshly made coconut jams. They are organically made; grown from the nutrient-rich soils of the Philippines and organically processed. With this, it is approved and certified by the USDA.

Those who love to cook and experiment with unique recipes can try out making DIY homemade coconut jams. You may also add certain flavors to your coconut jam, such as fruits, essential oils, and herbs. Below are the uses of coconut jam.

Uses of Coconut Jam

  • Excellent breakfast or midday or mid-afternoon bread spread
  • Used as topping for Bibingkang Malagkit, a popular Filipino rice delicacy
  • Ideal for tropical cake or cupcake filling
  • Used as substitute for “kalamay” (melted sugar) on certain recipes
  • Perfect ingredient for layering dessert recipes
  • Great for whipping in toast, cookies, and pancakes

Homemade Coconut Jam Recipe

Preparation Time

Cook Time

Total Time


5 minutes

2 hours

2 hours and 5 minutes

1 cup

What to Prepare

2 cups coconut cream / 1 cup dark brown sugar


  1. Combine the ingredients in a non-stick skillet.
  2. Place the skillet over medium heat, bring to boil.
  3. Stir frequently. Ensure that the sugar is dissolved properly to make well-combined mixture.
  4. Once the mixture boils, reduce from medium to low heat.
  5. Continue to cook and stir. The mixture is almost ready when it thickens and darkens.
  6. Check the consistency of the mixture. Do the following:
  1. Get a teaspoonful scoop of the coconut jam.
  2. Drop it into a small bowl with cold water.
  3. It is ready when the mixture forms into a soft ball when dropped and flattens when taken out of the cold water.
  1. Place the coconut jam into clean, seal-tight containers or jars.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for Coconut Jam Making


Apart from corn syrup, what is another alternative to sweeten the jam?


You can substitute dark brown sugar with Panutsa.


Most of the coconut jam making recipes used Panutsa. What is it?


Panutsa is the the same as Palm Sugar. It has a deeper color and flavor. Malaysians and other Asians traditionally make use of this sweetener in their Kaya recipes. However, Kaya uses egg yolks in their coconut jam recipes.


Where can we find the coconut cream for the coconut jam?


You cannot buy coconut cream in the aisle of your favorite grocery stores or supermarkets. They need to be extracted from the coconut. Coconut cream is the first extraction of the coconut. It is thicker and more concentrated than coconut milk.

Buy coconut jam today from trusted coconut product makers or you can try out the coconut jam recipe above. Share your experience about consuming coconut jam below. We love to hear from you.

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