A Complete Guide on Where to Buy Coconut Oil Online

By | July 10, 2017

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Coconut oil has been used in various ways for centuries, especially in the tropics where it is highly abundant. In recent years, its popularity started to rise as people become open to traditional, natural, and healthier lifestyle. A lot of individuals start to wonder, where to buy coconut oil online or if they should prefer to purchase on an all-natural brick-and-mortar shop. But, what kind of coconut oil should you buy? Why are coconut oils different in labels? Read on and learn more about coconut oil.

What Coconut Oil Should You Buy?

Coconut oil is classified into 2 main categories: virgin coconut oil and refined coconut oil. They are different in the production as well as the refining process. However, both are pure and organically grown.

Virgin Coconut Oil

There are 2 different ways to extract virgin coconut oil. First is the use of the handicraft traditional method. It is created using the wet-milling process. This means fresh coconut meat is grated right after harvest. Then, the coconut milk is made. After that, coconut oil is separated from the milk. The second and last method to make virgin coconut oil is through a machine-operated process for mass production. There are 2 diverse ways to do such process: centrifuge and expeller press, which are all derived from the names of the machines used.

Refined Coconut Oil

To create this kind of coconut oil, “copra” or dried coconut meat is produced. Many coconut farmers sell “copras” to large coconut oil producers for them to create refined coconut oils. In the oil factories, they refine the coconut meat to make it edible coconut oils. Furthermore, many companies produce these oils using RBD or Refined, Bleached, and Deodorized procedure. Refined coconut oil is best for those who avoid the coconut-y flavor, especially in cooking, baking, and creating beverages.

Qualities of Most Coconut Oils

It is hard to find the perfect coconut oil these days because of the wide array of choices available in the market. You get confused with what’s on the label. So, here are the following characteristics you can consider when you think about where to buy coconut oil online or in your local supermarket.

  • USDA Certified Organic
  • High MCTs (medium-chain triglycerides)/Lauric acid
  • Chemical-free, no additives
  • No hydrogenation
  • High levels of antioxidants

Coconut oil is mainly a saturated fat and composes mainly of medium-chain fatty acids. The main fatty acid is Lauric acid that can also be found in human breast milk. The Lauric acid with other fatty acids provide a lot of health benefits, including a boost in the immune system, total skin and hair health, promotes weight control, and most importantly, controls blood sugar levels.

Buying Coconut Oil for Hair and Skin

What kind of coconut oil should you pick out if you need it for your hair and skin? Coconut oil used for cooking and external application is just similar. However, it is highly recommended to choose virgin coconut oil because it comprises of higher nutrients than any other types of coconut oils. Mostly, it has the highest levels of antioxidants, perfect for the hair and skin. If you want to use it for your hair, you must buy virgin coconut oil since it has more protein as compared with other coconut oils.

A Guide to Buying Coconut Oil

There are many advantages if you buy coconut oil online. First, you can explore products by visiting their websites and compare them easily. Second, there are loads of perks online such as huge discounts and amazing freebies. Special discounts, free shipping, buy 1 get 1 free, mark down sale prices, holiday sale, and coupons are just some of the incredible offers online. Finally, you will instantly learn about the effectiveness of the product brand chosen through social media (Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter). Plus, you can learn awesome coconut oil recipes through blog posts.

So, where to buy coconut oil online? There are lots of third party stores on the internet selling coconut oils, such as Amazon. Yet, the fastest and safest place to buy the oil is through the official website. Find a trusted company selling coconut oil today and make the switch.

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