10 Easy Steps on How to Make Coconut Oil from Scratch

By | June 15, 2017

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Coconut oil has many uses and benefits. It can be made as a healthy cooking oil substitute, hair conditioner, anti-aging solution, among others.

One of the main benefits of coconut oil is that it is made from medium-chain fatty acids. The type of fatty acid prevents harmful diseases because of its natural antibacterial, antimicrobial, antifungal, and antiviral properties.

Extracting coconut oil from scratch has been an ancient tradition for some tribal groups or families. You must be interested to know how to make coconut oil from scratch. Follow the 10 very easy steps on how to create a DIY homemade coconut oil.

10 Steps to Extract Coconut Oil from Coconuts

Step #1 – Collect Mature Coconuts and Rocks

Look for fallen coconuts on the ground near a coconut palm tree. Then, search for rocks that you will use later on for opening the coconut fruit.

Step #2 – Husk the Coconuts

You need two rocks to husk the coconuts, a big boulder and a small, lightweight one. First, you need to uncap the coconut by tapping the cap on the rock. Place the uncapped portion facing down to place the fruit on the big boulder/rock. Aiming the top of the coco fruit, use the small rock to hit it very hard. After a few tries, you will notice cracks on the sides. This means the husks are loosened. Now you can take the nut out from the loosened husk using your bare hands.

Step #3 – Crack the Coconuts to Open

To crack the coconut open, you can tap it lightly on a rock’s edge in a circular manner. Enjoy drinking the refreshing coconut water!

Step #4 – Take Out and Collect the Coconut Meat

Mature coconuts yield soft coconut meat, so it can be easily removed from the nut. You can use any sharp, metal object for the coconut meat.

Step #5 – Grate the Coconut Meat

The traditional method in grating the coconut meat is through using a sharp-edged stone and a big stone for pounding. Now, you can easily shred the coconut meat using your food processor, grater, shredder or similar multipurpose devices.

Step #6 – Pull Out Coconut Milk from the Grated Coconut Meat

First, you need to combine ample amount of water to the grated coconut meat. Using your bare hands, pull out the coconut milk from the mixture. Only do this step twice, or else you will only end up extracting water.

Step #7 – Create a Fireplace

In olden days, people make a fireplace to cook. Since, this article talks about how to make coconut oil from “scratch” and your adventurous soul might want to try out creating a fireplace to do Step #8. To make a primitive fireplace, place two stones perpendicular to each other. The space in between will be the place to set your pot filled with coconut milk.

Step #8 – Bring the Coconut Milk to Boil

Using your made-up fireplace, collected dried leaves, and dried branches, start to make fire. Place the coconut milk-filled pot over the fire. Stir the milk while boiling. Wait until all the liquid gets evaporated. You will notice oil bubbling on the surface of the mixture. Remove from the fire to cool down.

Step #9 – Extract the Coconut Oil

Once the mixture has cooled down, you can now begin to separate the oil from the milk. You can use clean cloth to strain the mixture.

Step #10 – Separate the Virgin Coconut Oil

Since there may still be milk and pieces of coconut meat present after extraction, make the oil settle down. This means waiting for a few more minutes for the pure coconut oil to float up. Prepare another container and drain the oil.

Now, you know how to make coconut oil from scratch. Try this at home and make the most of the oil for your face, body, and cure insect bites and sunburn.

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