The Many Uses of Unrefined Organic Coconut Oil

By | November 18, 2016

Unrefined Organic Coconut Oil, Coconut Oil

Yes, unrefined organic coconut oil is the new talk of the town. But as it becomes more popular than ever, many doubt its uses and applications. While some think it’s a great addition to Paleo, others believe it’s best for body applications. Hence, to clear out these questions, here’s a compilation of uses of this wonder oil.

1. Eat it as a healthy snack.

Unlike the refined version, unrefined organic coconut oil has a strong coconut taste, making it a delicious and healthy snack. It also contains saturated fats that give your body the energy it needs to last the day. Consume it raw or add it to your cup of coffee. Either way, you still get to reap the perks.

2. Use it to give your hair the shine it deserves.

Experts recommend that you apply coconut oil into your scalp at least 220 minutes before you wash your hair. For better results, you can leave it overnight and wash it first thing in the morning to enjoy its moisturizing effects. If you intend to do the latter option, be sure to wrap your hair in a towel.

3. Apply it as a skin moisturizer.

Known for its moisturizing abilities, coconut oil can be applied directly on dry lips or skin because it literally melts because of body heat. Although it is tempting to wipe off the residue, it is best to let it sit until it is completely absorbed.

4. Add it to your homemade toothpaste recipe.

As of the moment, studies are still being conducted to prove the efficiency of coconut oil as a toothpaste ingredient. But then again, DIY enthusiasts recommend the use of a natural toothpaste made of 3 tbsp. baking soda, 2 tbsp. coconut oil, several drops of essential oils for flavoring, and stevia for sweetening.

5. Use it in cooking.

Like any other oils, unrefined organic coconut oil can be used in cooking, baking, stir-frying, dressing, preparing desserts, and etc. Be careful though as it leaves a distinct taste. Just try to experiment with it until you get the taste right.

Always remember that not all coconut oils are created equal. Just make sure that when you buy, look for unrefined organic coconut oil. It’s truly natural, so you need not to worry about side-effects.

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